YOUR DAILY PROGRAM: Friday, March 27

With the world as it is right now, we can’t be out on expedition, exploring the planet. So, we’re bridging the distance—bringing you the ‘tonic of wildness’ from the world’s pristine places. Check here Monday thru Friday for the reassuring rhythms of expedition life, from wake-up to Recap. Come to see familiar faces, discover exhilarating places, observe wildlife, get photo tips—and as we get our sea legs—enjoy special performances, personal appearances, presentations and more. Don’t miss out—check your program daily!


Welcome Aboard

A personal message from Sven Lindblad

An invitation to stay connected and join us as we continue to do what we do so well—in a different way in these different times.

Today's activity

Explore & discover with our naturalists

From temperate to tropical rainforests to the towering ice of Antarctica, they’ll guide you deep into the sights & sounds.

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Ahhhhh Moment

The healing tonic of wildness, a tiny dose of bliss, or a bit of insight

What does it feel like to spend time, truly steep in wild remote places, stop, let it sink in, get captured by one moment or a string of them? Experience it now

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Photo Tips

Get info you can use to practice indoors or out

Learn from National Geographic photographers and our certified photo instructors. And participate in photo slideshows like we do when we’re out on an expedition. Smartphones to DSLR users, all are welcome. More info in the days to come.

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recipe card


It’s 6pm—grab a cocktail recipe & meet us in the Lounge

Right now, we’re offering you delicious recipes to vary your stay-at-home fare. But soon— performances, presentations or personal appearances to watch as you savor. Enjoy your evening, and sleep well.

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