Welcome to Acklins Island! What a welcome we received! From a morning sunrise of oranges to a sunset kissed with pinks…today was absolutely magnificent!

We began our day with kayaking and Zodiac tours through a vast mangrove forest to look for all sorts of wildlife. Guests saw spotted eagle rays, sea turtles, and a variety of birds. They also got to enjoy the stunning water of this beautiful island in the Bahamas.

After our flooded forest exploration, we had a delicious lunch and then returned to the island for a proper island tour. We were greeted by a handful of locals who cheered as every guest landed on their island home. Our hosts are proud of their past, present, and future, and they welcome visitors.

We visited a local bush medicine garden and learned about different local plants and their uses. We also visited Jumby Hole Cave, a sacred cave with heaps of Bahamian lesser funnel-eared bats flying overhead! Then we visited an old plantation with walls still standing that were built by slaves.

At sunset, we returned to National Geographic Sea Lion and shared a toast to a full day of adventure! There were smiles all around on board.