We have had a great week exploring the Upper Amazon in Peru. This is the rainforest, so we were lucky that it rained only once. The weather was calm the rest of the time. Today is our last full day of adventure, and we are ready to make the most of our time here in this unique emerald paradise.

In the morning, we took a walk at Amazonas Park. This big reserve has a pristine area with old, tall trees and plants. A suspension bridge in the middle of the canopy allows guests to appreciate the jungle from a height. After disembarking on the riverbank, we took a short walk to jungle catamarans found along a lagoon. We paddled around, observing different types of birds and butterflies. We appreciated the quietness and sounds of the jungle. Once we put our feet on land again, we walked along a trail to spot different types of timber and medicinal trees. We learned about the plants’ medicinal uses and secrets. The plants are used to help people heal.

In the afternoon, we explored the Pucate River. It took a while to get into the heart of this river. We passed a couple villages where locals live a very different lifestyle than we are accustomed to; residents have no electricity and live in houses made of wood and other materials from the jungle. They seem to be a very happy people. This was our final ride on the skiffs, and we found many surprises. The first was a tiger heron, a very uncommon bird that is hard to find. We spotted many kinds of little birds, like antwrens, tanagers, flycatchers and swallows. We also observed pink and grey dolphins fishing in the black water along the riverbanks. At the end of our skiff ride, we spotted a highlight of the week. At first glance, the two toucans looked identical, but the sounds they made let our guides know that they were two different types: the channel-billed toucan and the white-throated toucan. What a great finale for such an amazing week.