We have had a wonderful week exploring the surroundings of the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve. This magical place offered us the opportunity to learn more about this complex world of rivers, creeks, giant trees, and incredible biodiversity of animals and plants. We also learned about the people who live in the hundreds of communities along the riverbanks.

In the morning we visited the Amazon Park Reserve, a primary forest where we walked along suspension bridges high up in the canopy to observe the majestic jungles. Here we found humongous trees that are ecological niches for invertebrates and epiphytes, and also home for birds and monkeys. We boarded mini catamarans to paddle across a calm lake surrounded by green plants and tall trees. Once we reached the other side we walked into the jungle to see giant ficus, which are home for many organisms including ants, bromelias, heliconias, and termites. Here it is forbidden to touch the elements around you because you never know what is going to be there. For example, the bite of a bullet ant is very painful, but if we proceed with care it is very safe to walk here.

Walking across the suspension bridges was a great experience. Being in the middle of the high canopy gave us another perspective of the vast emerald jungle; this is the angle of view for the majority of the creatures that live here. Along our exploration we learned how this ecosystem works, how trees communicate with each other, and how each of them plays a vital role in the balance of this world.

In the afternoon we visited the Pucate River, on the Marañon side. Some of our intrepid guests went to explore the jungle by kayaking along the shoreline; in this way you can see a closer view of the wildlife and appreciate the sounds of nature. Then we explored further on our three skiffs — it was the icing on the cake for a marvelous week exploring the Upper Amazon of Peru. Tomorrow we return home, and certainly these memories will stay with us forever. Hasta la vista, amigos!