Guests and staff experienced some great snorkeling today at Punta Colorada, on the northeastern side of San Jose Island in the Gulf of California. The characteristic landforms of this location are beautiful clastic sedimentary rocks, cemented and consolidated to form an amphitheater-like structure with vertical cliffs. In this protected place we explored the undersea world, and then by boat we admired the layers of sediments and rocks with birds perched on them.

By noon, National Geographic Venture moved to the eastern side of the island; at Kelley’s Beach we offered kayaking, and at Arroyo Encantado we enjoyed hikes of diverse lengths as well. Many plants were in bloom, promoted by the winter rains, and we observed flowers in pink, yellow, white, purple, and red. Marvelous shells and fishes were seen on the gravelly shore. The cardon forest stood upon soft sediment topped in white; this is due to the droppings of the hundreds of turkey vultures that roost there every night.