An early morning mist covered the bay as guests awoke. After breakfast, guests departed across the iconic steel truss Astoria Bridge on their way to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. After arriving on the Oregon side of the Columbia River, guests began exploring Waikiki Beach with the incoming tide. A connecting trail provided a scenic hike to a cliff with views of the Pacific Ocean and the Columbia River Bar. As the morning sun peeked out from behind the clouds, guests continued on their hike to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. A ranger provided a brief history of the area before guests began a tour of the museum. After learning about the amazing history of the Corps of Discovery, the group returned to the ship for lunch.

After lunch, guests left to explore the 30-acre park situated on a hill overlooking the quiet town of Astoria. A small gift store offered balsa wood airplanes, and height-enthusiastic guests adventured 164 steps up the Astoria Column to launch their planes into the brisk fall wind. Upon returning to the buses, guests were transported to an active California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) haul-out. One guest counted approximately 250 individuals basking in the sun on an abandoned dock. After a short ride, guests visited the Columbia River Maritime Museum to explore the huge collection of vessels and historical ephemera from the area.

Photographers: Aaron Raymond, Photo Instructor, and Patrick MacQuarrie, River Historian