We woke up to a foggy morning as National Geographic Endurance was cruising northwards, heading for South Georgia. The seas stayed quite calm the whole day, but fluctuating fog limited our options for wildlife viewing. During the day we did, however, see some whale blows and also a variety of seabirds. After an amazing week, with three continental landings and other fabulous outings on islands around the Antarctic Peninsula, it felt good to have a full day on the ship. The day turned out to be highly educational, with engaging presentations on topics, such as seals in the Southern Ocean, the life of a professional photographer, penguins and other birds on South Georgia, and finally, what it may be like to live and work on the White Continent. This was also a day allowing for laundry, or just contemplating on what we have experienced over the last week down south.

After lunch and a bit of rest, naturalist Doug Gualtieri introduced us to the penguins and other birds on South Georgia. In the late afternoon, naturalist Rob Edwards talked about his working experience in Antarctica in a talk called With Uncle Sam to Antarctica - The Ice Man. The coming four to five days are reserved for the wonders of the sub-Antarctic Isle, South Georgia. We are very excited and can hardly wait!