At Sea & Sand Dollar Beach
  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 12 Feb 2020

At Sea & Sand Dollar Beach, 2/12/2020, National Geographic Venture

  • Aboard the National Geographic Venture
  • Baja California

We sailed through the night around the southernmost point of Baja California Sur and headed north along the Pacific side of the peninsula. Spending our morning at sea, we were rewarded with wonderful wildlife sightings, the beast though was a pod of hundreds of long-beaked common dolphins! We were fortunate to spend quite a bit of time with them as they were porpoising, bow riding, and vocalizing around the ship. After lunch we landed at Sand Dollar Beach where we lead various walks and spent free time exploring a bit of the island and sand dunes. We enjoyed a cocktail hour bonfire on shore during sunset as wonderful way to cap the night.

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