Those willing to sacrifice precious pre-breakfast sleep and join the early-morning wildlife watch on the bow were treated to some special visitors today, beginning with a lone sperm whale. What a thrill to see that classic angled spout from the single blowhole of this storied, deep-diving, squid-eating toothed whale!

Not long after that three southern right whales (the whales with no dorsal fin, and giant, ten-foot-long baleen plates for capturing plankton) showed themselves, one even lifting a fluke into the air as it dove, bidding us goodbye.


On this long day at sea on our way from South Georgia to the Falkland Islands, marine mammals were, indeed, the stars. Rounding out the list of observed whales were long-finned pilot whales and a group of at least a dozen sei whales. For some people on board that was three new whales in one single morning!


Peale’s and hourglass dolphins also put on a display, giving people plenty of reason to keep their eyes peeled expectantly on the ocean, as anticipation rose for the coming days exploring the Falklands.