Bahia Almejas
  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 01 Mar 2020

Bahia Almejas, 3/1/2020, National Geographic Venture

  • Aboard the National Geographic Venture
  • Baja California

What a first day we had here in the Bay of Clams or Bahia Almejas. But clams were not our focus today – this trip is meant to be Among the Great Whales, not Among the Great Clams. So, we ventured out in local outboards called pangas and made our way into the lagoon finding a great number of gray whales involved in a great number of behaviors. In the afternoon we went out for hikes and walks on Isla Santa Margarita, an island the Mexican Navy described to us as being full of nothing but snakes and spiders, but there we found other things of interest, some alive, much of it dead and washed ashore.

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