Today we woke up to a chilly but gorgeous morning in Baja California Sur on board National Geographic Venture. As the sun rose, the green flash was visible as pelicans soared across the pristine waters of Magdalena Bay. We brought up the anchor and sailed to our first stop of the day at Bahia Almejas.

Here we boarded pangas and set out in search of grey whales. Upon reaching the sandbar before the bay, we were treated to sights of both mature and juvenile bald eagles. This is the southernmost point in the world where these birds of prey can be found. There were also hundreds of brown pelicans, Brandt cormorants, sanderlings, and gulls.

As we cruised around the point and entered the bay, it wasn’t long until we saw our first grey whale. A few spouts were spotted on the horizon, and we sailed over to the location. Throughout the morning, we were treated to a number of grey whales around us, including a few spy-hopping out of the water and even a tail fluke. It is a truly special experience to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

In the afternoon, we sailed back north in Magdalena Bay to Man-of-War Cove. This is an amazing area to hike among the mangroves. The pristine and critical ecosystem provides protection for numerous birds and aquatic species. After dinner, we returned to the beach for a beautiful bonfire under the stars. We played guitar and sang while roasting s’mores. Today was an amazing day here at Lindblad Expeditions, one that won’t soon be forgotten.