This morning, we awoke to beautiful colors covering the shorelines of Bowdoin Fjord. Several guests had stayed up into the small hours to watch the golden hour highlight the yellow and red hues among the sedimentary rock layers. The new day saw us cruising through icebergs littering Inglefield Gulf into Barden Bay. Here the scout team investigated several landing spots before selecting the head of the bay, close to where the glacier brings thousands-year-old ice from the Greenland Ice Cap into the fjord and out to Baffin Bay. The remains of the terminal moraine offered us a cobbly walk to an overlook over the glacier with both floral and insect highlights. Some guests opted for a leisurely Zodiac cruise around the bay, imagining the histories of the beautiful icebergs littering the red surface and dyed various shades by the silt running off the iron-enriched shorelines.

Whilst most people stayed above water, expedition divers took the opportunity to plunge into waters further north than they have to date. Braving the cold and silty surface, the seafloor provided views of creepy-crawly gems like polychaete worms and bivalve clams, all sheltered among scattered kelp fronds and showing signs of productivity in an otherwise dark and mysterious environment.