This morning, we visited the Amazon Rainforest and explored first with our skiffs and then by foot. We had the opportunity to get close to the very tall trees and mingle with the creatures of the tropical ecosystems. We found tree frogs, bats, ants, and a large number of caterpillars and butterflies that decorate the forest with color.

In the afternoon, we explored the tributaries of the Ucayali River with our skiffs. This protected reserve is one of the best places to look for monkeys. We explored the riverside until we saw them in motion. We were lucky to spot the monkeys in a place where we could disembark, and we had a very close encounter with a troop of woolly monkeys. Our photography session with them was one of the best ones of the trip. On the way back to the ship, we also found the smallest monkey in the world, known as the pygmy marmoset, and we enjoyed another opportunity to see it up close. It was a spectacular day in the middle of the Amazon.