On our final day aboard National Geographic Sea Bird, everyone woke up to another beautiful sunrise in Baja California. Some guests soaked in the rising rays while stretching on the sundeck with wellness specialist Ava, and other guests had one last relaxing morning before heading back to the busy bustle of their lives. Not wanting to waste any time in this beautiful region, our first adventure for the day was taking out local pangas for another opportunity to view gray whales. A mother and her calf were spotted in the lagoon, and we got to see their close connection. As we headed back to the ship, we came across some coastal bottlenose dolphins. After returning to the ship, we enjoyed a delicious meal cooked by head chef Eric Seabury and his wonderful galley. The fun was not over yet, and we headed out to Sand Dollar Beach. Guests had the opportunity to walk across rising and falling sand dunes or bike along the beach. To end the evening, the officers and crew were introduced and thanked for their time and expert skills. During final recap, we wished expedition leader Alberto Montaudon a happy birthday.