Carmen and Danzante Islands, Loreto Bay
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  • 04 Feb 2022

Carmen and Danzante Islands, Loreto Bay , 2/4/2022, National Geographic Venture

  • Aboard the National Geographic Venture
  • Baja California

The final day of our amazing voyage “Among the Great Whales” finished up in just exactly that way. We had an exciting day onboard National Geographic Venture, cruising Loreto Bay National Park around Carmen and Danzante Island. We were visited by at least three different blue whales, the largest known animals to ever live. We also caught sight of at least one fin whale, the second largest of all, and had a very long encounter with bottlenose dolphins riding the bow wave of our ship. In between epic whale watching moments we enjoyed birds and ocean views, as well as a full compliment of natural history presentations onboard the ship. The day ended beautifully, with an extended recap before dinner, and a viewing of our guest’s photos from the trip during a slideshow presentation.

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