Carriacou, Grenada

Susan Seubert, National Geographic Photographer

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  • 19 Feb 2020

Carriacou, Grenada, 2/19/2020, Sea Cloud

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All of our Sea Cloud voyages to the Caribbean have one day dedicated to exploring the islands of the Grenadines. Unlike most of the mountainous and volcanic Windward Islands, the Grenadines are uplifted limestone and fossil coral islands of white sand beaches, coral reefs, and coconut palms. Some of the islands are part of the country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and others are part of the country of Grenada. Today we opted to explore the island of Carriacou—though it is part of Grenada, it has quite an independent history and culture. After an exciting morning sailing, we spent the afternoon snorkeling, swimming, or walking the town before returning to Sea Cloud for an incomparable gala dinner.

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Sailing the Caribbean aboard Sea Cloud