Our first day exploring the Pacaya and Samiria National Reserve began with a pre-breakfast skiff exploration. Pahuachiro Creek was chosen by our naturalist as the best for the early morning. Different species of birds were seen by our guest. From russet back oropendulas, black capped donacobius, yellow rumped caciques and many others.

After breakfast, with rubber boots on, we hike a trail near a village called Casual. Here we experienced how the forest of the Terra Firme is formed. The biodiversity of the trail could be spotted from the forest floor up to the canopy.

Our afternoon activity was done in another tributary of the Marañon River, Nauta Caño. Gray dolphins gave us the welcome as the played around the Delfin II. Kayaking and skiff rides were the options for exploring this lush area.

At the end of the day, we shared our first encounter of the great diversity found in this part of Upper Amazon.