Our explorations today brought us to an area that was new to National Geographic Resolution, Seno Glacier, north of the Straits of Magellan and on the west side of the Ventisquero Ice Field. The winds had calmed through the night, and in typical Patagonian fashion the weather rapidly changed from moist to dry, grey to bright, repeatedly throughout the morning. In other words, excellent for a bit of Zodiac exploration.

Our excursion revealed towering cliffs, gravel beaches, and a mysterious sense that something amazing might be around the corner. And indeed, a short ride through a tidal channel opened into a stupendous fjord, with a cracked and eroded glacier tumbling down to the sea, spawning icebergs small and large.

Just a few hours later we were cruising in our Zodiacs in a very different landscape, the narrow channels and rocky islets of Bahia Profundo, which are draped in green carpets of the unique Patagonian vegetation rather than ice and glacial debris. The clouds tore away and in streaming sunshine we found our way back to the ship. It is hard to believe we have just one more day of our voyage through this mystical landscape.