Today, we let the mercurial Patagonian weather determine the direction of our adventures. The morning saw us exploring Parry Fjord, once visited by the HMS Beagle in its hydrographic duties in the 18th century. An eerie backdrop of bleached Nothofagus trees (also called southern beeches) framed our expedition. We ambled along a pebbled beach and explored a peat-tinted waterfall. On our return to the ship, we were treated to submarine footage from Staten Island that was collected and presented by our incredible underwater team.

After a sumptuous lunch of local grilled delicacies, we took advantage of a good weather window to reach Jackson Bay. Part of Karukinka Natural Park, the bay is home to a colony of elephant seals. A flock of guanacos surprised us as we hiked through the forest to a serene waterfall.

Our operation was masterfully timed to take advantage of the changing elements and conditions in these Fuegian regions. A tapestry of sunshine and storms followed us as we continued our endeavor through the fjords.