Early in the morning, we were awoken by Expedition Leader Michael Jackson beckoning us to the bow to see the killer whales swimming alongside of us! A great way to start the day for sure!

We then piled into Zodiacs and cruised through beautiful, grounded icebergs with Weddell seals lounging upon them. We came across two humpback whales that surfaced so close we could feel their breath. We had the opportunity to hike to a gentoo colony on the island, stopping often to let the local traffic cross, as penguins always have the right of way.

After lunch, the ship nosed its bulbous bow into the cliff of Paradise Harbour, giving us the chance to both Zodiac cruise under the blue-eyed shags perched on the cliff with their chicks and to step foot onto the land in front of Brown Base for our continental landing.

We enjoyed an incredible last day in Antarctica with full memory cards and full hearts!