We are on a journey through the Southern Ocean with plans to reach areas of Antarctica that few have ever seen.

These are perfect days to learn about sailing, navigation, and exploring unknown areas of our planet. We observed magnificent icebergs as we spent time on the bridge, which is always open and welcoming to guests. Today, we learned about seals, acoustics, the wildlife, geography, and how to edit our photos. We drew our course on maps of Antarctica to better comprehend our journey.

These Daily Expedition Reports are a great way to keep in touch with family and friends back home, and we can keep them as part of our journals and memories of the voyage. We would like to dedicate today’s DER to the 6th grade class of Gladden Farms Elementary School in Marana, Arizona. The students are enthusiastically following our adventures and learning so much about the great White Continent and the Southern Ocean. By sharing our adventures with our loved ones, we can help inspire Antarctic ambassadors all over the world.

It is an incredible privilege to sail in this part of the world.