Our morning started in the Errera Channel off the Danco Coast. National Geographic Resolution had travelled from the Weddell Sea overnight. Right after breakfast, guests were ready to go ashore at Danco Island or take a Zodiac cruise around it.

Onshore, we were met by some intrepid gentoo penguins. On Danco Island, they nest in various sub-colonies. It was interesting to compare their daily lives to those of emperors and Adélies, the other penguins we have encountered.

The snowy track took us to the top of the island and offered wonderful views of the surrounding bay in the atmospheric light.

The Zodiac cruise offered views of preening and playful young penguins and feeding humpback whales.

Back on the ship, a Filippino buffet lunch awaited us. We enjoyed a lecture in the Ice Lounge about expedition photographer Hurley before we arrived at the entrance to the Lemaire Channel.

Visibility was below average as we started our transit through the channel. However, towards the southern end, we encountered at least six humpback whales with more in the distance. Expedition Leader Andy Wolff turned on a dime, and we changed plans! We would now be Zodiac cruising with the whales. And what a cruise it was, with feeding humpback whales and an enormous leopard seal on ice. The winds were nonexistent, and we had the most fabulous evening south of the Lemaire Channel.