“Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first Ross seal!” The call on the PA system caused big excitement on the ship as we spotted this beautiful creature on an ice floe in the morning. We have now seen all the true seals of the Antarctic on this voyage.

We stayed with the seal for a while, watching it being harassed by a couple of giant petrels before we left them to sort out their discussions. We headed towards B22A, an enormous iceberg that detached from Thwaites Glacier twenty-two years ago. The berg is around 3,000 square kilometers, and it took us over six hours to pass it completely.

Our afternoon was spent watching the iceberg and listening to presentations by the Expedition Team, as well as enjoying the wildlife we spotted on the ice that surrounded National Geographic Endurance at times.

When dinner came, the galley team presented an amazing buffet filled with delicacies that we all enjoyed.