We couldn’t believe our luck—another calm Drake crossing for us! We were sad to say farewell to the icy continent, but it was nice to have time aboard beautiful National Geographic Resolution today to enjoy everything she has to offer. We learned more about our expedition from various lectures and watched Southern Ocean seabirds dart gracefully amongst the waves. However, the true highlight of the day was the crew show! There were outstanding vocalists, magicians, dancers and more. Guests enjoyed connecting with the people who work hard to make their time aboard National Geographic Resolution so comfortable and special. The band was the highlight of the crew show!

Meet the Boat Garage Rockers!

Mark, drummer

Mark lives in Manila and is new to the National Geographic Lindblad Expeditions team. He is a self-taught drummer, and his main motivation for learning to play was his desire to be part of the band! He likes working on National Geographic Resolution because the team feels like family. This is Mark’s first season in Antarctica, and he said the experience has been very special.

Roque, bass

Roque has been playing the bass since 2010 and played in the band aboard the National Geographic Orion before getting offered a new position running the Zodiac garage aboard National Geographic Resolution. He was happy to start a band on this beautiful new ship! When Roque is home in Manila, he enjoys spending time with his three sons and riding around outdoors on his motor scooter. He said his favorite place that he traveled was Jerusalem because it was very spiritually moving.

Jamie, lead guitar

Jamie learned to play the guitar in grade 6 when his dad left out some cords and sheet music for Jamie to use. He also likes to sing and play the ukulele, and he sings the best version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that you’ll ever hear! Jamie previously worked as a mixologist and enjoys creating new cocktails; he will soon be joining the bar team on National Geographic Resolution. When he’s home in Laguna, Jamie likes going for long bike rides and working on his popular YouTube channel, Dokumentador.

JR, lead singer

JR is new to being a band singer, but he has always enjoyed karaoke! He really likes the other members of the band, who inspired him to transfer his singing skills from karaoke to the big stage. JR spends his free time riding his motorcycle. He said that visiting Norway for his shipyard contract was a major life highlight for him.

Thank you, Boat Garage Rockers, for an amazing evening and good tunes! Keep rocking on!