This morning we visited North Seymour, an island that is the product of uplifted seafloor due to volcanism. Although flat and dry, North Seymour is quite a highlight. The island is home to seabirds like the ever-popular blue-footed booby, which seems to be at the beginning of a new breeding season. Great and magnificent frigates also live on the island, and today, we walked amidst their colonies. In the afternoon, we visited the island of Rabida. The red sandy beach is quite stunning, and we had the opportunity to snorkel amongst endless schools of fish and some Galapagos sea lions. After dinner, our captain navigated along the northeastern coast of Isabela Island. An eruption that began in the early days of January still continues, offering us magnificent views of red glows and incandescent rivers of lava. What a spectacular way to end an amazing first day in the Enchanted Isles!