Today we woke to lovely light cast over the layers of mangroves, sand dunes, and mountains that we find here on Isla Magdalena. We took to the water to explore by kayak and standup paddleboard, getting a closer look at the roots of the red mangroves and all the different bird life found in this incredible ecosystem. Zodiac cruises followed, giving everyone a chance to get out on the water before we pulled anchor and started heading north through Canal de Soledad. Our pilot, Sergio Camacho, expertly navigated us through the narrow and shallow passage, allowing us to see many birds and even delight at some bow-riding bottlenose dolphins! After anchoring south of the small town of Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos, we went to shore to explore the sand dunes. To top off a wonderful day, we came back to National Geographic Sea Bird to have a Mexican fiesta night, complete with local musicians Los Coyotes playing lively music in the lounge.