After two days of wet tropical forest, jungle if you will, lush mangroves, giant turtles and calypso music we are now back to the slower ‘island’ pace… “Take it easy, man.” Today, all day, was Tobago island with its warm, white sand beaches, dry forest, blue skies freckled with fluffy little clouds, glass bottom boats riding on blue, blue water, like looking though liquid light onto a landscape of corals and fish splattered with electric colors, as we cruised out and about to Little Tobago Island. Flying fish skipping away from the boats, each hop endless like the jumps of weightless astronauts, hard to watch it all without becoming mesmerized by the vague blue and silver of the fish against the sparkling surface of the water. Flying fish, wonderful to watch and a treat to eat, a flying fish sandwich and a brew in the shade beneath a tropical sun, a star so close it will burn your hand if you reach out to touch it, nothing better than that. After lunch there were water sports, of course, snorkel and SCUBA, kayak and swim. For us, dive masters and enthusiastic guests, it was SCUBA around a rock, a pinnacle a few hundred feet off shore, encrusted with corals, surrounded by fish and we too were weightless, adrift and amazed. Can there really be that much to see? Yes, but it is not all just seeing, diving is much more sensuous than that. Turn inward, enjoy the feeling of warm water, the gentle swaying, relax and take a turn with nature on the best dance floor of all... but be careful though, nature does not like to be led, we are the children and she thinks we still have lots to learn.