Beginning with a strong morning breeze, today's adventure aboard National Geographic Quest unveiled the wonders of Glacier Bay National Park in all their pristine glory. We awoke at the northernmost tip of the bay, face to face with the awe-inspiring Margerie Glacier. Despite the wind's playful gusts, the glacier's grandeur held us captivated, a testament to the dance of ice and time.

Seeking calmer waters, we set course for the Johns Hopkins Glacier; once we rounded Jaw Point, the park treated us to a stunning view and the mesmerizing spectacle of calving events. The sound of ice breaking echoed down the fjord, while hundreds of curious harbor seals watched from their icy floating homes. Under fleeting moments of sun, the glacier's intricate features came to life, each crevice and valley curve airbrushed by the light fog.

The adventure didn't end there — Jeff gave a talk on glaciers, we enjoyed a hearty lunch, we caught a glimpse of a mother brown bear and her two cubs, and then we sailed onward to Gloomy Knob and South Marble Island. Cliffs alive with seabirds greeted us, and Steller sea lions basked in regal splendor. After dinner, as the sun dipped toward the horizon, we docked at the visitors’ center at the entrance of the park. The day culminated in a tranquil walk in the forest; it connected us to the very heartbeat of this land sculpted by ice and time.

From the crackling symphony of calving ice to the stories of succession etched into the rocks and landscape, today's expedition transcended the ordinary.