Monday dawned brisk and blustery with rainbows spotted off the bow in the morning light. A simple breakfast was served early before guests disembarked for hikes in Bartlett Bay where they took in the natural wonder and unique history of the former fishing village. It was the perfect introduction to our foray into the heart of Glacier Bay National Park.

The sheer abundance and ceaselessness of wildlife sightings left everyone amazed, as we are only on our second full day of this voyage together. As we cruised north towards the Grand Pacific and Margerie Glaciers, we were saluted by both puffins and a pair of humpback whales while passing Marble Island. Moments later, a large brown bear was spotted traversing a gravel path high up on a sheer cliff face. Next, guests enjoyed a lovely game of “spot-the-goat” as everyone helped each other pick out the numerous white dots scattered across Gloomy Knob. Many were observed with kids!

Soon we were surrounded by more humpbacks and droves of floating sea otters. At last, we reached Grand Pacific and Margerie—the latter of which made great thundering noises.

Written by: Katie McConnell and Rachel Martin