Today’s expedition in Glacier Bay offered our guests a remarkable experience, showcasing the breathtaking wildlife and natural wonders of this pristine region. Despite some rainy weather, our guests were treated to a series of incredible sightings, making it a memorable day.

Our first stop was Margerie Glacier, where we had the pleasure of observing some small glacier calving before moving on to explore a channel behind Russel Island. As we approached the area, our sharp-eyed staff spotted a lone wolf gracefully navigating the rocky terrain. Its sleek black and grey coat blended beautifully with the surrounding landscape, providing a striking sight for all on board. Guests observed the wolf for a few minutes before we caught sight of a magnificent brown bear at the opposite end of the beach. With its thick fur glistening in the rain, the bear seemed unperturbed by our presence, foraging for food among the vegetation. Our guests watched in awe as the bear lumbered down the beach.

Adding to the already impressive wildlife sightings, we were treated to the sight of mountain goats gracefully scaling the steep cliffs of Gloomy Knob. These sure-footed creatures effortlessly navigated the rugged terrain, showcasing their impressive agility and adaptability.

As the afternoon progressed, we ventured farther through Glacier Bay and were rewarded with an awe-inspiring encounter with lunge-feeding humpback whales. The weather may have been rainy, but the sight of these magnificent creatures more than made up for it. The humpback whales gracefully arched their massive bodies, propelling themselves through the water to capture shoals of fish before plunging back down into the depths.

Despite the challenging weather conditions, today's expedition in Glacier Bay proved to be a truly remarkable experience. The sightings of a lone wolf, brown bear, mountain goats, and lunge-feeding humpback whales provided our guests with an incredible opportunity to witness the diverse and awe-inspiring wildlife that thrives in this remarkable ecosystem.