Golden Triangle & Aqua Verde

James Napoli, Video Chronicler

  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 07 Feb 2020

Golden Triangle & Aqua Verde, 2/7/2020, National Geographic Venture

  • Aboard the National Geographic Venture
  • Baja California

It is our last day here in Baja California Sur.

This place has been and continues to be kind to us. When we awake, dolphins greet us.

While we rest looking off into the horizon, whale blows continuously dot our views.

At one point, we made note of a particularly tall and mighty blow and we steered towards it hoping to find an animal worthy of such an impressive sight. We were not misled, as we crossed paths of several blue whales.

Blue whales are an interesting creature to watch because they are a humble animal. Rarely do they do the theatrics associated with other whales like humpbacks. Even their vocalizations are at a frequency too low for us to hear. Instead, they let their sheer enormity do the talking.

After all, being the largest animal to ever exist on the planet is plenty impressive enough.

In the afternoon, we made our way to Aqua Verde. The water here is green with life, as corals jut up from the reefs below the surface. Here on this cove attached to the peninsula the waters are quite calm and they beckon. It is hard to resist the call of the sea here. Whether by kayak, paddleboard, snorkeling, or just swimming, we made our way into the Sea of Cortez making what we could of the little time we have left in Baja California.

Some of us chose to wander off into the desert in search of wildlife, or perhaps a moment to take in the land around us one last time and to reflect on the stories made here.

Nevertheless, in the evening there was no thought of solace or quiet as we had a farewell bonfire on the beach. Enjoying Baja California with drinks, laughter, friends, and music the way it has been enjoyed and remembered many times before and will be for many years to come.

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Baja California and the Sea of Cortez: Among the Great Whales


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