Golfo Dulce, Playa Blanca

José Calvo, Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor, November 2019

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  • 26 Nov 2019

Golfo Dulce, Playa Blanca

  • Aboard the National Geographic Quest
  • Antarctica

Today we explored the gulf created by the Golfo Dulce, which is very deep but with a shallow exit to the Pacific. During the rainy season the area accumulates a lot of the fresh water and gets less salty than the ocean water, giving the gulf its name of Dulce or “sweet water.”

After breakfast, we took to shore to explore this beautiful place and the people living it. We went into different excursions throughout the day. Some of us visited a chocolate farm, to learn and most importantly, to taste some of their organic high-quality chocolate. Others explored the heart of palm farm, others went to a gold panning family house to see how they use to look for gold and an artisanal sugar mill, and others went on rainforest walks.

Although they were all very different options, they all have one thing in common: Each authentic and great options to choose; so no matter what you pick, it was a great choice. To make it even better, we had an incredible beach barbeque lunch hosted by the crew of National Geographic Quest.

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