This morning was our final day in Haida Gwaii. The day commenced with an awe-inspiring discourse by a masterful Haida basket weaver, Paula Varnell, weaving tales of tradition and resilience that stirred our souls.

With hearts brimming with gratitude, we bid adieu to Skidegate and set sail amidst a tapestry of azure skies and tranquil seas. Over a sumptuous lunch, our voyage to the mystical landscapes of Alaska unfurled, promising new horizons and untold wonders.

In the afternoon, esteemed National Geographic Photographer Drew mesmerized us with captivating narratives of wolves, bears, and mountain lions. A vibrant photo breakout session followed as we reviewed pictures of the last week of our adventure.

As we sail onward through the Hecate Strait, we chart our course towards Alaska, carrying with us the echoes of Haida wisdom and the promise of new horizons.