While still anchored in Fortuna Bay, our day began with beautiful morning light on the mountains all around the ship. We sailed over to Hercules Bay for our morning adventures. Taking full advantage of the calm and sunny conditions, we split the morning into two rounds of kayaking and Zodiac cruising. The first macaroni penguins of our trip were seen climbing and resting on the cliffs. Pale-mantled albatrosses soared above our heads, and fur seals were hauled out along the beach and rocks. A group of large icebergs at the mouth of the bay made for some stunning photo opportunities.

While enjoying another delicious lunch, we sailed to Stromness Bay, where we took in the sights of the historical whaling station, the final destination on Shackleton’s epic journey to South Georgia. We gathered on the decks of the ship to observe and take pictures of the station, the scenery, and the many fur seals while naturalist Elise Lockton narrated the story of Shackleton’s adventure.

For the remainder of the afternoon, we decontaminated our boots and outdoor gear, enjoyed teatime and sweets, and cruised amongst some of the largest icebergs we have seen so far on our voyage, giving us a hint of the frozen world that lies ahead.