In Magdalena Bay there are a wide variety of areas that offer different opportunities for adventure. National Geographic Sea Bird was positioned near Isla Magdalena where we were able to take advantage of the island for some casual hiking, fast-paced hiking, photo-oriented hiking, fat-tire biking, and hanging out in Chejos. Lisa, our certified photo instructor, with the help of our sharp-eyed guests found a plethora of intriguing subjects for her hikers to photograph and share with the rest of us at our evening recap. Everyone enjoyed their day at their own pace and were able to ‘chill in Chejos’ with the locals.

The grand finale was a talk from Tim, one of our naturalists that lives on the peninsula, about all of the incredible creatures he has seen over the last couple decades in the ‘Baja Blue.’ Everyone went to bed dreaming of the gray whales we hope to see tomorrow.