On our first day in the land of the midnight sun, we awoke to the breathtaking scenery of Krossfjorden on our way to see the Lilliehook Glacier. The sun was out and even the water was calm, creating rippling reflections of the surrounding mountains. The staff scanned the landscape for wildlife, and we saw quite a few Svalbard reindeer, their tracks meandering around the snowy bowls.

Naturally, we had a few mandatory briefings like AECO and Zodiac and bear safety, but the ship stayed around the face of Lilliehook Glacier to maximise our viewing time. During our biosecurity decontamination process at Base Camp, we had fun taking photos of the passing scenery through the porthole.

During a lovely BBQ lunch provided by the hotel department, we transited down Krossfjorden to the 14th July Glacier. In the afternoon, we explored the fjord by Zodiac. The highlight was definitely the number of walruses we encountered, all of them hauled out onto pieces of ice.

After dinner, we cruised Magdalenefjord. By that time, it had started snowing and the visibility was somewhat reduced.