Our day aboard National Geographic Venture started with the rising of the sun. Standing at the bow of the ship we witnessed the sun paint a palette of colors on the horizon. After breakfast, we jumped into Zodiacs. We toured around a tiny island, Los Isoltes. This white-capped rock in the sea is home to a colony of sea lions. These curious and playful pinnipeds swam around our Zodiacs, showing off by leaping out of the water. Flying above us were blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, and brown pelicans.

National Geographic Venture then docked at nearby town of La Paz. We had the chance to walk around the Malecon boardwalk and stop at our favorite ice cream spot in town, Fuente. We then took a short bus ride to Rancho San Lorenzo. This was an amazing experience. We were greeted with musicians, horses, and margaritas. At our tables we were able to enjoy folk dancers and authentic Mexican dishes. The big surprise of the evening was a concert from a world-famous opera singer and pianist. This will be a day and night to remember for quite a long time.