For the first time in 15 months we’re posting Daily Expedition Reports from Alaska. This simple act—the ordinary telling of the truth about an expedition day, as we have for decades—feels momentous. We are jumping for joy—knowing National Geographic Quest is on the move and guests are having the extraordinary experiences we have waited so long to provide.  – The Lindblad Expeditions Team


The grace and luck with which these first 24 hours have passed has exceeded our wildest dreams. More than smooth–this first trip has been the nothing short of epic.

Finishing what was already a perfect day, we found a coastal brown bear feeding on sedges in the meadow. After I spotted the bear roughly a mile away, Captain Nettles did an incredible job slowly bringing in the ship with enough grace to keep the bear calm and comfortable with our presence. We spent an hour with the majestically feeding megafauna, and eventually left him to his sedges so we could fill our bellies with a feast of our own.