Our second day of exploration began with a lovely sunrise. Flocks of tanagers woke us up with their lovely songs. We were anxious to go and explore a lovely creek that is part of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

Right after breakfast, we got into the skiff and went to explore Nauta Creek.  As we cruised through the creek, different species of birds flew and perched along the river’s edge, giving us great opportunities to photograph them and look at them through our binoculars.

Back on board, one of our naturalists shared with us the marvelous fruits that are easily found in the Peruvian Amazon. It was a tasty presentation.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a hike through the Casual Forest. Local guardians of the trail helped us by pointing out the mini world of the shrub layer and forest floor. We observed a bird eating tarantulas, colorful poisonous dart frogs, and a red tail boa along this trail.

At the end of the day, we had a spectacular sunset as the full moon was contemplated by our explorers on their way back to Delfin II. It was just another great day in the Upper Amazon.