We got to enjoy a real mix of activities exploring Petersburg and Kupreanof Island throughout the day.  There was a hike through the old growth forest leading up the boardwalk to a stunning muskeg. There, we learnt about the formation of the muskeg and about some of the plants. 

Later we had Zodiac tours around the harbor to see the wildlife and learn about the rich fishing history and the different types of fishing vessels that make up the fleet in Petersburg.  To get a bit further afield, we used bicycles to ride through the community and around the coast to Sandy Beach for a short walk into the forest before riding back. 

For the hearty folks who wanted to tackle a strenuous hike, they ventured up the muddy twisting ‘trail’ towards Narrows Peak on Kupreanof Island.  Not to be outdone, the global explorers were also busy learning how to drive the ROV around the dock, checking out the anemones and sea stars below.