The rainy season will soon start here in the Upper Amazon. Some of the migratory birds, like plovers, sandpipers, and wood storks, are ready to leave the area. Other kinds of animals will show up here. We started our day after breakfast at 8:00 a.m. Some of our intrepid guests went out to kayak along the river. We took the skiffs to get farther in to look for all kinds of birds and animals.

Kayaking along the rivers and creeks is an amazing experience. You can enjoy the silence and solitude while listening to every single sound coming from all the creatures that inhabit the jungle. You can observe certain animals that are normally scared off by humans. During our exploration, we found many types of birds. The black-capped heron is probably one of the most beautiful herons. Its face is an iridescent blue and red color, and its body is very white and black. The colors make for a beautiful combination.

In the afternoon, we motored for two hours to get to a very special area. La Posada is a private reserve that has been protected for many years. We observed primary forests with very old trees. They are so tall that it is almost impossible to see the sky when you are standing at the foot of them. We explored the lake and observed the birds from small, local catamarans. Later, we disembarked on a small pier to start walking into the jungle. We found some suspension bridges a few yards inland. The bridges let us walk high up into the canopy to see creatures that don’t live close to the ground. We spotted squirrels, tanagers, and euphonias.

At the end, the rain finally came. We find water everywhere here…on the ground and coming from the sky…in this place that is also known as the rainforest.