Our day began with an early breakfast on board Delfin II. We had spent the night close to a small creek known as Yanayaquillo. It was an overcast morning that invited us all to go out and explore this section of the Pacaya Samiria Reserve.

We cruised on the skiffs through this little creek. Pink dolphins were sighted feeding right where the black waters got mixed with white waters. Different species of birds filled the air with their melodious songs. Five species of primates were also spotted by our naturalist. It was a very productive morning.

At Renacal lagoon, our naturalist explained to us about the dynamic of this ecosystem. We saw several juvenile spectacled caimans basking in the sun. Flocks of blue and yellow macaws were also appreciated by our guests.

Back on board, Naturalist Javier gave a presentation on the different edible fruits found in the Upper Amazon. We all enjoyed the flavors of these tropical fruits.

The afternoon activity was held in Nauta Creek. Kayaks were offered to our guests as one of the excursions, while others went to explore on skiffs. Mother Nature allowed us to enjoy the foraging behavior of the squirrel monkey and the elusive Isabel Saki.

It was a great day in the Pacaya Samiria Wildlife Reserve.