We visited Santiago Island today. Santiago is in the central region of the archipelago, and the mix of water currents and air currents offers interesting conditions. We are currently facing the beginning of the rainy season with the first precipitation of the year.

In the morning, we enjoyed an early exploration of Espumilla Beach, which has dark sand. Blue-footed boobies, pelicans, and frigatebirds are all very active in the early hours of the morning. The seabirds displayed their fishing skills. On the beach, we found fresh turtle tracks, indicating that females went inland to lay their eggs. We spotted some females resting by the shoreline, which was an amazing encounter!

Afterwards, we relocated to Buccaneer’s Cove. The cove is a wonderful place for water activities, thanks to the presence of sea turtles, sea lions, sharks, several species of tropical fish, and an occasional chance to see manta rays. Our guests enjoyed snorkeling, kayaking, and tours in the glass-bottom boat. There was an option for everyone.

To wrap up an amazing day on Santiago Island, we disembarked at historic Puerto Egas. Charles Darwin spent most of his time on this island and in this area. Puerto Egas is named after Hector Egas, an Ecuadorian businessman who established an unsuccessful company here decades ago. Puerto Egas has a beautiful black sandy beach that offers great snorkeling. The contrast between the sand and the water allows for excellent visibility underwater. Our guests enjoyed time at the beach and an amazing walk. The landscape is amazing. This is Galapagos hawk territory, and we spotted some. By the coast, we had the chance to visit the Grottos, where Galapagos fur seals enjoy resting. We spotted coastal birds along the shoreline.

After all this adventure, we concluded another day in the “Enchanted Islands.”