The morning started off misty as our early risers prepared to kayak at first light. The sun soon rose, providing the perfect set up for a walk on beautiful, green sand beach at Espumilla.

After breakfast, we dropped anchor at Buccaneers Cove where crystal clear water and clear skies welcomed our snorkelers on one of the best outings of the week. Sea turtles, rays, eels, and white-tipped sharks were some highlights.

In the afternoon we moved to Egas Port, one of the most famous sites on this island. We disembarked on the black sand beach for a refreshing swim and snorkel. We then walked on the shoreline, which was covered by old lava flow that formed tide pools all along the trail.

Further along, we spotted a Santiago snake and a land iguana basking in the sun. We steered clear of the Galapagos scorpion hiding by the rocks on the way back to the ship. Our parting image was an American oystercatcher nesting right on the trail by the shore.