Saunders and Keppel Islands, Falklands

Ashley Karitis, Video Chronicler, November 2019

  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 10 Nov 2019

Saunders and Keppel Islands, Falklands

  • Aboard the National Geographic Explorer
  • Antarctica

Our first day exploring wildlife was met with a fresh breeze and welcoming smiles as our guests took to shore to discover a colony of black-browed albatross and rockhopper penguins. Zodiac rides ashore were guided by Commerson’s and Peale’s dolphins, and along the shoreline, kelp geese and oystercatchers flipped over beach refuse in search of a meal. But perhaps the most unexpected wildlife came from below the water as our dive team rolled off the Zodiacs to explore the marine environment existing under the kelp-strewn waves.

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