The waters of the Bahamas are legendary. As some of the clearest waters in the world, the colors they show us never cease to amaze. At dawn, before the sun broke the horizon, the morning light started to illuminate the sea and show us the famous Bahama blue. As the light crept in further, the blue began to radiate. The highest tips of the parade of cumulus clouds were painted pink. Clouds on the horizon started to gain their silver linings as the sun backlit them. Every day of this trip, the sunrises have been incredible. The gentle breezes of morning trade winds create a pleasant climate for a symphony of colors to erupt. These colors and moments are indicative of our location. Few places in the world see so many elements consistently align to give us such an experience.


This was our second day in the Exumas Land and Sea Park. As we explore the area, we are learning what a special place it is. Since we are in a no-take zone, the vibrant coral reefs are abundant with wildlife. Our day’s first stop was at an area appropriately called “The Sea Aquarium.” This calm cut in the reef was a wonderful location for us to get in the water and have some up-close experiences with the reef’s residents. Nassau groupers, sergeant majors, and purple sea fans were among a few of the species we saw on this venture. The crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas gave us fantastic views of the underwater world, a true treat in this special area.

After another incredible lunch, we went to the Dundas Sea Caves. These caverns are only accessible during low tide, which we utilized to see these special limestone formations. Coral and fish abounded, as expected in these rich waters. Since setting sail, we have been on the move constantly. A relaxing afternoon on the beach was in order. Idling away the remainder of the day, we took walks through the palm forest, set kayaks and paddleboards in the bay, and snorkeled in the calm, clear Bahamian waters.

As expected, today was another incredible day in a beautiful location. We look with anticipation towards tomorrow, as we’re sure what it holds will be just as captivating.