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Sitkoh Bay & Cruising Chatham Strait
  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 07 Sep 2019

Sitkoh Bay & Cruising Chatham Strait

  • Aboard the National Geographic Venture
  • Alaska

Sitkoh Bay is an extraordinary place to visit here in Southeast Alaska. Guests on board National Geographic Venture awoke in a place of peace and quiet. Water within the bay remained completely still as our vessel approached the anchoring. Quickly, Zodiacs were lowered onto the water’s surface – a shear sign of another day of adventure. Everyone on board was given the opportunity to hike on the trail or kayak along the shore banks. Kayakers explored the shallow coastline, noticing many sea jellies within the water column. Hikers spent their time walking under the forest canopy, stepping carefully to not disturb any banana slugs in the middle of the trail. After morning operations were complete and lunch commenced, our captain moved our expedition party into Chatham Strait to search for wildlife. Humpback whales, breaching salmon, and even Dall’s porpoises were spotted on the beautiful last day of our voyage.

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