Southern Bahía Almejas, Baja California Sur
  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 15 Feb 2020

Southern Bahía Almejas, Baja California Sur, 2/15/2020, National Geographic Sea Lion

  • Aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion
  • Baja California

Although there were countless stars in the night sky at the end of our beach barbecue and walk last night, some clouds rolled in overnight. They stayed around for most of the day today, leading to a partly cloudy and cooler day. We pulled anchor and moved south down the bay a bit, and headed to shore shortly after breakfast for walks on the island of Santa Margarita. Kayaking was also an option, as was “stationary hiking” on the beach. The afternoon was spent with the gray whales again, enjoying their playful antics both above and below the water. This will be the last day we all spend together, so the evening was celebrated with a preview of the video chronicle guests will be able to take home with them, and a guest slideshow featuring everyone’s wonderful photography during the voyage. What a fun and memorable trip it has been!

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