We arrived in Stanley in the early morning for a quick visit to civilization before heading towards the wilderness of South Georgia and Antarctica. 

Some of us chose to visit the beautiful Gypsy Cove for bird sightings and a view of the inlet, and others went to Fitz Roy Farm to visit a sheep farm, which included sheep shearing and cuddling with young lambs. Some well-trained sheepdogs even put on a show for us. The wool from the Falklands is the whitest wool you can find! A tour of the highlights of Stanley was also a popular choice, and guests visited the southernmost cathedral in the world.

After our tours, we had time to walk around Stanley by ourselves. The museum was definitely worth a visit.

The undersea team took the opportunity to go diving in the narrow entrance to Stanley. They were rewarded with a kelp forest where every square inch was covered in life. Absolutely stunning!