We are getting close to the end of an amazing week exploring the Upper Amazon on board Delfin II; it has been an astonishing trip in many ways. This morning, we went out after breakfast to explore the forest of Supay. We landed on a very small, handmade dock with some stairs to walk inland. Hiking in the jungle is quite a remarkable experience. You feel the immensity of Mother Nature, and you notice how big and tall the trees are in this emerald world where species coexist in many ways. Our expert, local naturalists know the area so well. They can identify every plant, especially medicinal ones, and it is an ancestral knowledge because these naturalists are the local pharmacy for local people. Far away from big cities, there are no hospitals or doctors so knowing all about Mother Nature’s medicine is vital to survival.

After walking into the jungle, we arrived at a freshwater lagoon. We found a very unique plant that grows in the Amazonas. Lily pads, or Victoria regias, are aquatic plants that adapted to survive in this lagoon. They are very big with beautiful purple and white flowers, and birds like jacanas like to walk on the pads.

Later in the afternoon, we enjoyed more exploration. Our choices were skiff rides along the creek or kayak outings. Some of our intrepid guests kayaked in silence and solitude to admire the sounds of the jungle. This experience is incredible and brings peace and joy to our souls. The sounds of birds, frogs, insects, monkeys, and many other creatures create a symphony of sound for our spirits.

On the skiff ride, we found a couple of fishermen that showed us their catch of the day. One of them caught some piranhas to eat!